California, Day 5

Well, last night we stayed in Van Damme State Park.  You think with a name like that it’d kick some round house ass.  Well, it turned out to be the poorest excuse for a shithole I’ve ever stayed at. But, because of this fact we didnt spend the night around the fire filling my belly with hangover which was a nice change.

The morning started out like most California coast mornings do, foggy and dreary. Fortunately we were riding one of the best sections of the Pacific Coast Hiway today. Shortly after getting going we managed to find a bit of sun and the road was mostly free of traffic. What little traffic there was was quickly dispatched of with 2nd gear and a bunch of right wrist. Caught up to a 1200GS with street tires along a section of road and was very impressed with how fast he was going. Held me up quite a bit but I was happy to slow down for a while.

The day was very short and we ended up in San Francisco by 11:30 at the hotel. Had a pint on the patio and generally took it easy and enjoyed life on Fisherman’s wharf. Very good Day

Here’s a boring video:

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Wesley J

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