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For the past few years I’ve really been jonesing for an acoustically transparent screen.  The idea is that its gives much more of a theatre feel when the speakers are hidden from view and the sound comes from directly behind the screen, just like in a real theatre.  There are other benefits such as using 3 identical speakers so that as sounds move across the screen they do so seamlessly as all the speakers are identical and at the same level.  Also, the location of the sound is much more natural.  The drawbacks are potentially dim image because light is lost as it passes through the screen just as the sound does.  Another potential drawback is sound that is “muffled” as it passes through the screen material.

Well, I have to say that the screen fabric I’m using provides outstanding picture quality as well as audio quality.  The source of the screen material is SeymourAV, here’s the linkage:  SeymourAV.com

As you can see from the photos below, I tore out my existing screen and rebuilt the screen wall to house my 3 Mackie HR824 active studio monitors as well as my Mirage BPS400 subwoofer.  I can’t rave enough about the HR824’s.  They provide a level of dynamics and accuracy I’ve never heard in a passive speaker.  Yes, they can be a bit analytical but at the end of the day I’m trying to reproduce the source material accurately.  Tubes and passive speakers need not apply (listen up Gary and Alun ;-)).   Anyway, I successfully set up the Audyssey MultiEQ (8 position RTA) on my Onkyo 705 as well as getting it applied to the DTS MA and Dolby TrueHD output from my Sony 350 BD player.  All I can say is that I’ve never experienced this level of audio reproduction in a theatre.  Truly spectacular.

Also, during the start of my construction I had to move my Electrohome 8500 CRT projector back about a foot for the new screen.  Well, lets just say I let the magic smoke out of the PJ and there’s no putting it back.  So, I ended buying myself a flashlight.  A BenQ W5000 DLP projector to be exact.  More on that later but I’m very pleasantly surprised at the quality.  Big upgrade from my non-LC CRT projector and one of the first flashlights I’ve seen that are significantly brighter than an 8 or 9″ CRT.

 Anyway, enough rambling, here are a few pics:

Wesley J

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7 Responses to Home Theatre Overhaulin’

  1. Flanders says:

    Dear AudioVideoTheatreUberGeek,
    Congratulations on the rebirth of your theatre.
    I look forward to celebrating with a glass of red wine.
    By the way, does the new fabric screen go in the washing machine? No reason for asking. Never mind I will just try it out.

  2. Alun says:

    Hey Wes, that looks uber sweet! I haven’t even got a sarcastic comment to go along with the “tubes/passive” remark. Of course if all active speakers are perfect sonically, why so many brands??? heh heh
    All joking aside, you’ve always had an eye and an ear for great setup. Little sad to see the CRT go, but I cant say I blame ya. If I used mine more than once a week, I’d do the same. Actually considered some PMC monitors for my setup but no go, just don’t use it enough.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Wes, tell Flanders to stop being so gay.

  4. Paul Bellemare says:

    Just in case you have any left. I need a set of neckboards for a Marquee. Please let me know what I owe you for shipping and your trouble. I’m in Kingston Ontario. K7M2R5.
    Thanks, Paul.
    PS: I’ll copy and paste this into a comment on your blog too with my email low_76@yahoo.com

  5. Edwin says:

    Have you every been to one of the Bose stores with the demonstration theatres? Every time I’m in one I almost.. almost spring for the full set up. I’m not how comparable what you’re describing is to that sounds quality, but it reminds of being in a top of the line movie theater every time I’m in one.

    I’ll have to look in to the Mackie HR824’s you mention.

  6. Cory Davis (macuser) says:

    That’s some serious setup you have. I’m starting to wonder if you are more into bikes or theatre/audio stuff lol I guess you could use the system to watch bike vids 🙂

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