1973 Yamaha TX-750 – Back on the road…. almost

Well, after a few months of workin on the TX on and off, I finally have had it back on the road, but not without issue, sort of…

My work list was as follows:
– New Brakes
– New points and ignition repair
– Body work and paint
– Handlebar change
– Wiring repairs
– buffing and polishing
– General reapirs

I had it out for a couple of rides and put about 75 miles on it before it decided to stop running on one cyclinder. Of course this happened the night before I was going to ride it up to the Ponoka Vintage Motorcycle Rally. I guess better then than on the ride up to Ponoka…

Anyway here are a few photos of the work:

Wesley J

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11 Responses to 1973 Yamaha TX-750 – Back on the road…. almost

  1. Ash says:

    Nice photos… thopugh one really was not the same as the others.
    Good work on the bike, and here I was thinking you abandoned the project

  2. Michael Dommer says:

    I just acquired a 73 TX750 and was wondering about the seat you have, did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere?

  3. Wes Hill says:

    I had the original seat recovered at an apholstery shop here in Calgary.

  4. Wes Hill says:

    Are you Mike Dommer, as in Gary Gleaves buddy?

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  6. Hey ! love the body paint great job gives me ideas or my tx bike …

  7. lou livan says:

    hey wes
    On the 1973 tx750 were did you get the points and condesor?
    I’m redoing one and am stuck on this. Its my first restoration
    I know good luck right

    thanks lou

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