The California Trip is ON!

This last week has been a very difficult one, especially for Gary.  After a year of planning and looking forward to it, he hasnt been able to come with us.  It seems whenever Paul and I talk about how awesome a road was or how much of a dive a bar is, we end up talking about how much Gary (Gee Gee) would like it.  Our prayer are with your family.

Anyway, enough about Gee Gee.  Paul and I left for Cali at about 10 AM Friday morning and drove straight through.  We arrived at Mark’s place (the guy who is storing our truck and trailer) at around 8:30 AM.  We packed our bikes and were off by about 10 AM.  It was raining like mad for the first 10 miles but as we dropped elevation into the valley, it stopped.  So, we toured out to Clearlake, CA.  I think this place is inhabited by zombies.  Seriously.  It looks like a resort town from the 70’s that hasnt been touched since then.  I’m guessing that was when the zombie infection spread…..

Anyway, I left my USB cable for the camera at home so you’ll have to wait until tonight for some photos and video.  HD video from the ride will be posted tonight!

 Wesley J and Flanders.

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