Day 11: Mt. Fuji

We were hoping that today would be clear. We have had a chance to see Mt. Fuji from the train on two occasions and both times it was cloudy. We started the day by getting on the Romance Car (train that had lots of extra leg room and was more comfortable) for about an hour then took a train up a switchback trail. Cool train but busy… apparently all tourists go out on a Saturday to see Mt. Fuji!! We had to stand the entire trip up the trail.

After the switchback train, we continued up by taking a couple of ropeways (like a gondola). Once we got up higher, Mt. Fuji appears out of nowhere. It was finally a clear view! Lots of pictures were taken out the windows.

To get back down, we had two options: 1) take the same route back or 2) take a Pirate boat across the lake, then take a bus back to the RomanceCar. We thought that it would be more fun to take the different route and take the boat. Wes said “Arrgghhh” a lot…

Once back in Tokyo, we went to the house, had some wine and just relaxed for a while. Kim and Kumiko’s neighborhood has some really cool shops and restaurants. We were going out for Yakitori for supper and walked into this place that was really inconspicuous. If you didn’t know what kind of place it was, you would just walk right past it. We walked in and immediately thought that it was cool. There was a bar-height counter with 5 or 6 stools and one table for 4 in the corner; that was it! You tell the cook what you want and he cooks it right in front of you. The asparagus wrapped in meat like prosciutto and the chicken meatballs rocked!!

We plan on relaxing a little tomorrow which will be wonderful. Being on the go for the last week and a half has been great but the thought of just hanging out tomorrow is really appealing.

Krista Rae

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  1. Ashley says:

    Nice pics!

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