Day 10: Tokyo

Kumiko worked in the morning today but we were meeting her for lunch leaving us a couple of hours to burn. Once we were up and ready to go, Uncle Kim took us for tour around their neighborhood and through a park where the Cheery Blossom trees had exploded… and the sky was blue so the pictures turned out really well.

Then off to the train station to go meet Kumiko for lunch at this little Thai restaurant. We took the train to where the Motorcycle Show was, left Wes in his glory to wander around and drool for a couple of hours while we carried on to an area called Odaiba. It’s known as Palette Town and is where the younger crowd goes on dates, etc. It is a very deceiving place; looks like nothing at all on the outside but once inside the mall, it opens up completely and mimics the Alladin Hotel in Las Vegas with the Roman-like decor and sky scene ceilings. We had coffee, walked the mall, then back to meet Wes.

Kim and Kumiko have done a fantastic job of introducing us to new foods and types of food preparations. We went to Ginza, an area in Tokyo which was what Wes and I had pictured Tokyo would look like, for Shabu-shabu. Being a lover of the food network, I actually knew what this was! Shabu-shabu means swish-swish… very thinly cut raw meat and various vegetables that are cooked in boiling water (kind of like fondue).

Got back to K and K’s relatively late and had to get some sleep. Tomorrow is to be an early day assuming the weather is good. We are going to try to get a clear view of Mt. Fuji.

Krista Rae

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