Day 9: Kyoto and Tokyo

We had to check out of our ryokan but also had a few hours to pass before getting on the train to go back to Tokyo. After leaving our bags at the inn, we decided to pass on our usual breakfast place; Wes got some Rotten Ronnie’s and we continued on to Starbucks for the daily fix.

It was a really nice day out so it was nice just to wander with no particular plans. We bought a few things then went to yet another temple. As it turned out, it was one of the better ones in our opinion; and cost nothing to get into. It was a huge, beautifully carved wooden structure; one sign said that it was the largest wooden structure in the world, another said that it was one of the largest… we are guessing that the latter is the correct one (Todaiji with the big Buddha in Nara seemed so much bigger).

Anyway, on the train again. We were hoping that we would be able to see Mt. Fuji this time around, but once again it was grey and cloudy. As we got closer to Tokyo, we noticed that the Cherry Blossom trees had really started to explode. The really are beautiful!!

Kumiko met us at the station and got us back to the house. Still haven’t had to experience the train during peak times; I am thinking that that is a good thing!

Krista Rae

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