Day 8: Kyoto and Nara

So, this morning was early as we needed to be at the train to Nara by around 8:45. So, stopped by our usual breakfast place and had our usual breaky. Then, the next stop was Starbucks for… the usual.

The train ride was about 40 minutes and we even go a couple of brief views of the distance. You can rarely see more than a few blocks here as there are multi-storey buildings everywhere. Nara was a nice change of pace as it is quite a small town compared to Kyoto. Interestingly, Kyoto is populated by about 4 million but seems much much smaller then Calgary. Geographically speaking itís likely a quarter the size too.

Oh ya, Nara. We spent a few hours wandering around to some spectacular temples, the names of which of course I don’t recall. The most impressive was the building built around the 15 m tall Buddha. I guess it’s the largest wooden structure in the world and is really amazing to see.

Oh ya, I almost forgot about the deer park. It’s the main park in the center of Nara and there are a bunch of these little deer wandering around that expect you to feed them. I was eating a pastry for myself and was literally attacked by the little bastards. One of them actually bit Krista on the leg as a reminder of why she was there. Funny stuff. They’re so tame you could actually pet them. Heck, I was about to try to ride them but thought I may look like an ass if I did. Hmmmm, I may be growing up… I guess I’ll have to ride Ringo when we get back just to make up for it…

Back to Kyoto and an enjoyable meal of Japanese bbq. I need more Sushi, I’ve only had it twice since we’ve been here…

Wesley J

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