Day 7: Kyoto

Today started off at a very slow pace. After all of yesterday’s walking, we thought that we would take it easy today. We found a good breakfast spot; waffles, apple/maple syrup, fruit, oj, tea/coffee and sausage all for $14 for both of us. Then off to Starbucks to sit out on the deck for a good half hour. By the time we actually got ready to start off, it was already 10:30. We decided to be lazy and take the train to the Imperial Park instead of walking the 5km. Good thing we did…even though we thought that we wouldn’t walk as much today as yesterday, we still managed to put on about 15km.

The weather was fantastic today so it was really nice just to hang out in a park for a couple of hours. Lots of cherry blossom trees in bloom, fully and partially. We did some walking then found a somewhat grassy area away from people to lie under a tree and read for a while. It was really nice to just relax.

We figured since we were in the vicinity anyway, we might as well go to Nijoji Castle…famous for the “Nightingale Floors” (floors built to squeak to alert when intruders are in the castle). Wes being a Ninjurai (half Ninja, half Samurai) still managed to make the floors squeak! (A true Ninja can make it across the floors without them squeaking.) He is up in our room practicing right now on a squeaky spot on the floor…

After a long walk back to our ryokan, I asked some people on the street to recommend a good sushi spot for Wes to grab some supper. Finally found one, got to sit right up at the sushi bar but Wes still says that Sumo in Calgary is just as good, if not better. Then off to a place where I would actually eat something!

Since we’ve spent the last two days putting on a lot of miles, tonight is going to entail another movie in our room.

Tomorrow, a short train ride to Nara for the day and then back here in the evening.


More old wooden buildings and walking… They need roller coasters or something to keep me excited…

Wesley “Ninjurai” J

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3 Responses to Day 7: Kyoto

  1. Lee says:

    Caught a new nissan GTR eh? Nice one!
    We’re off to Japan in 11 days… we’ll probably end up in alot of the same places you guys went.
    Too bad about the sushi… I’ve heard that the salmon is actually better in Canada, but Japan wins for all the other fish.

  2. Wesley J says:

    If my f-n camera was faster I would have gotten a better shot. You guys will have a great time. We’ve been enjoying traveling alone without local guidance. It makes it feel a bit more like an adventure.

  3. Ashley says:

    Try the Blue Fin Tuna, everything we receive in North America pales to what stays in Japan, as they keep the good stuff!

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