Day 6: Kyoto

Our ryokan here is definitely budget accommodations. The beds are absolute shit and the pillows are full of plastic beads. Just f-ing awful. On the positive side, outside of the above, it’s pretty much exactly what we want, traditional Japanese accommodations and a fantastic location. Kumiko did a great job tracking it down.

We pretty much just spent the day wandering from Temple to Shrine to Pagoda. Not too sure how many clicks we put on but I’d guess somewhere around 15 km’s. Essentially 9 am ‘til 6 pm was spent walking. We tried our best to get lost, taking side streets and not consulting the map much or asking for directions. Fortunately, we found some really cool out of the way places with no frickin whitey foreigners. We even found a cool little French bistro where we could actually read the menu and talk the language… well, sort of. The frogs were out of Guinness though. Three signs advertising Guinness that were visible from the street and they were out…

We were standing on the corner looking at a map trying to figure out where the gyoza place was that the lady at the art studio recommended. The map was in Japanese and she had explained it all wrong… Anyway, a nice follow (Tom) stopped to help us out and actually walked us to his recommendation for good gyoza. The meal was good so we headed back to the ryokan, after stopping at my favorite vending machine, for an evening of relaxation.

Wesley J

Krista: My image of Gion Corner was really off…not a single Geisha to be seen!!

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5 Responses to Day 6: Kyoto

  1. Mum says:

    Truly spectacular pictures – better than a lo of high priced paintings. You could create a phenomenal keepsake wall of pictures. What’s with the open-air shitter????

  2. mum Hill says:

    A little naration on the movies would be nice. What is that red monument in the middle of the water supposed to stand for?

  3. Wesley J says:

    Mum P: I was thinking I should put one just like it in my shop 😉

    Mum H: Talking on a train is a no no here so I’ve just been avoiding talking while filming. The orange Torii (gate) is the entrance to the shrine. Pretty cool and quite old, like everything here.

    Wesley J

  4. Margie Stanley says:


  5. Well written, unique take on this subject.

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