Day 5: Hiroshima and Kyoto

A buffet breakfast in Japan is interesting…lots of Western foods and lots of foods that we wouldn’t consider to be breakfast…corn soup, salad, oysters, whole fish with eyes bulging from their heads…

We had some time to kill before getting on the train so decided to get some fresh air. Went for a 5 km walk around the coast of the peninsula; Wes talked rocks and showed off the knowledge he still has from his mineralogy class, which wasn’t much. I think Uncle Kim thought that we were nuts when we played the typical tourist and took off our shoes and socks and went for a quick, and I mean quick, walk into the Pacific Ocean…water was freezing cold.

Danger:  halmark moment ahead!

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The taxi ride to the train station seemed to take forever. We didn’t have much time by the time we got to the station to get anything to eat so Uncle Kim and Kumiko thought that we should be introduced to a Bento (boxed lunch) and they actually come in a wooden box!! The train ride to Kyoto was an uneventful two hours.

Arriving in Kyoto was the first time so far that we have had to fend for ourselves; up until now, we have been able to rely on Kumiko. Our first test was finding the right doors to exit the train station from…not the easiest task. The ryokan was pretty easy to find. Wes left me in charge of the check in; good job too…Kumiko did the booking and he had no idea what Kumiko’s last name was!

Wes: OMFG! We went to BIC Camera which essentially Best Buy on steroids and too much caffeine. I though my eyes were going to start to bleed then I’d go deaf and start a seizure when we walked in the door. We were seriously bombarded by at least 10 different loudspeakers playing different crap as well as being yelled at by about 6 or 8 little Japanese girls in voices akin to shrieking… We ended up buying a watch (no cell phone in my pocket…) and a movie. Not much of a night life in Japan as far as we can tell.

Krista Rae & Wesley J

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    When you get back to K & K’s, get Kim to tell you about his friend, Dan, who introduced Seattle to the boxed lunches. He’s has an interesting life.

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