Day 4: Hiroshima

Today started with a western style breakfast served to us in our ryokan. It was actually a pretty decent breaky but the don’t have bacon here. It’s just the same cut of meat as bacon but isn’t smoked like in Canada. All guys are bacon connoisseurs so I though I’d mention it.
High tide was coming in so we did another lap of the shrine to get some pics with it surrounded by water. The weather was fantastic and the photos turned out great.

The next leg of our journey was on a ferry, really just a big speedboat that holds about 60 people. That took us into Hiroshima and dropped us at the steps of our hotel. When Kumiko said it was our hotel we thought she was kidding. Beautiful place with a beautiful view of the sun setting and rising over the ocean.

After dropping our bags we headed into downtown Hiroshima to see the sight of the first atomic bomb ever dropped on humanity. Pretty sobering sights. We then attended the Peace museum, which was very interesting but very sobering. We all came out wanting to hug each other and get drunk…

Back to the hotel for a break and then off to supper. Supper was frickin stellar. Gee Gee, you and I need to open one of these Yakinuki (sp?) restaurants in Calgary, we’d be rich. Essentially they bring a briquette grill to your table and you bbq your own food. Just frickin awesome. I came away drunk, full and happy!

Here are some pics from the day.

Wesley J & Krista Rae

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